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Tool Shaped Key Chains

Click on image for free patterns.

My original idea was to design a key chains for various professions. I’ve started with some basic tool shapes and there was already so many that I had to stop! I decided to live it like that for now. I still think though, it would be kinda cool to design a key chain for different kinds of jobs like a briefcase for manager, gun for policeman, space suit for cosmonaut etc… you get the idea 🙂




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Man 12 Ton Truck – Wooden Car Model

In this video I’m making another tuck model/toy car. I’ve designed this one in 1 : 24 scale (like the most of my wooden vehicles). There was a lots of cutting, gluing, sanding, so… I loved it !!! If you are planning to make one, prepare for hard work… If you like to watch other people getting their hands dirty, just relax and enjoy the video 🙂 In any case, I hope you’ll like it as much as i did.


 Click on image for patterns.