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How to Make a Modern Wall Clock

Click on image for free patterns.


Making a wall clock from clear acrylic and aluminum. Both materials I’ve used for this build you can cut with most woodworking tools. I needed about 6 mm thick material (because of the threaded shaft length on my clock movement), so 4 mm thick acrylic sheet and 2 mm thick aluminum sheet were perfect for this project.

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Making a Wooden Lighthouse

I always wanted to try making a miniature lighthouse and finally the time has come 🙂

This particular design is based on Peggys Point Lighthouse also known as Peggys Cove Lighthouse located within Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Click on image for free patterns.

Materials used:
– 4 mm plywood
– 6 mm plywood
– 18 mm thick paulownia wood
– 6 mm diameter wooden dowels
– PVA glue
– super glue
– white and red water based acrylic paint for wood
-2 mm twisted cotton cord