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Puzzle Shelf


Click on image for free patterns.


I made a shelf for my daughter out of beach wood. During assembly I realized that there are at least two possibilities of bringing the pieces together (with all joints connected). This is the reason why i called it a Puzzle Shelf! Are there more ways? I don’t know, please let me know if you see any!

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Letter Opener Case


Making a letter opener case from balsa wood. My opener ended up being about 6 mm thick. I had some scraps of balsa wood with exact the same thickness, means perfect for this build. I’ve used PVA glue to hold the wood pieces together. The neodymium magnets (8 mm diameter, 4 mm thick) are glued in with epoxy. Yes, drilling these holes might be tricky, but not impossible.

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Wooden Dump Truck

Click on image for patterns.


Making a dump truck based on Mercedes-Benz Actros. As usual, I’m using a scroll saw to cut out the parts. I then glue all pieces together with PVA glue or crazy glue. On project like this, there is always a lot of sanding work. I did most of the sanding ‘off camera’, because this way, I have much more control over the dust. Wood dust is not good for your lungs, so be careful with that if you are planning to build this truck. Anyway, I hope you’ll like it as much as I did.

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Dollhouse – How to make a Bunk & Loft Bed

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Making a dollhouse bunk bed out of plywood (1/12 scale). In this video you can see me making only the bunk bed, however the procedure of making these beds is exactly the same. This little piece of toy furniture has already appeared in one of my previous videos. Surprisingly many people are emailing me asking about it, so i decided to make a video and post the patterns.