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Tapered Wooden Mug

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Hi everyone! This week I’m using my scroll saw to make another wood mug, this time with slightly different shape. And yes, I made a mistake…twice…

…I glued the bottom piece a bit too early (which makes sanding the inside of the rings quite a challenge) and than I sanded the outside of the mug without gluing the bottom piece back (ended up with the bottom piece being too big 🙂 luckily for me all I had to do was flip the bottom part over. It’s not exactly the way I intended but in my opinion…still looks awesome!

In case you decide to make one of these, here is the correct order of gluing pieces together:
-glue the rings together
-sand the inside of the mug
-glue the bottom piece
-sand the outside
-glue the handle

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Bevel Cut Experiment…


I had this idea of trying out bevel cuts on my scroll saw. The results may not be perfect but it definitely works! Since this is just a test I will leave this project unfinished for now. The question is… what could be the next step, how to make this shapes useful? Please help me out guys cause I have like a million ideas… and none at the same time…

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Heavy Duty Magnetic Pickup Tool


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In this video I’m making a wooden magnetic pickup tool on the scroll saw.

Materials used: – ferrite pot magnet 67 x 9,5 mm (29 kg pull)

– 18 mm thick paulownia board

– 6 mm thick plywood

– 4 mm thick plywood

– 8 mm diameter wooden dowel

– PVA glue

– contact cement (only because I run out of epoxy 😉